Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Today we have for you a little trick which is one of the easiest but prettiest ways to add a little pop to your party. This effect works best with glasses that have a lip such as mini milk bottles or jam jars, but it’s so simple you can try whatever vessel you like.


6 x rimmed milk bottles like these here
1 x bag of white chocolate melts
½ cup of sprinkles or other edible embellishments


1.      Take the bag of white chocolate melts and melt according to packet instructions. Ideally use a dish wide enough to fit the rim of your vessel or else just pour in once melted
2.       Pour your sprinkles into a separate dish also wide enough to fit the rim of your vessel
3.      Take your clean glass jar and dip upside down into the melted chocolate for 5-10 seconds, coating the rim. Lift back up and let the excess drip off whilst still upside down.
4.       Straight away dip the chocolate coated rim into the sprinkles for 5-10 seconds
5.       Remove and allow chocolate to set (a couple of minutes)
6.       Depending on the width of the rim, you may have need to pour drinks through a funnel into the glass to avoid splashing the sprinkles.
7.     Pop in a pretty straw and serve on a tray with a jug of something delicious! Try our gin cocktail or this festive eggnog recipe or simply just some milk for the little ones in the family

Depending on your theme or if you’re feeling a bit fancy you can experiment with all kinds of coloured candy melts and edible embellishments such as metallic cachous, crushed nuts (check for allergies first!), cookie crumbs, mini m&ms etc

This also makes for a nice drink for Santa on his stopover at your place on Christmas Eve.

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